We take several steps to improve the quality of our listings, but can't endorse a clinician's expertise or guarantee that they can take a new patient right now.

The clinicians in our directory have told us two important things: First, that they're interested in treating people with OCD. Second, that they have the knowledge and skills needed to treat OCD.

How we maintain the quality of the directory

Clinicians can only apply to be listed if they have first been nominated by a colleague who is already approved in the directory. This increases the chances that they are part of the organic network of professionals known for their competence in treating OCD. (We don't publish the name of the clinician who nominated them).

When clinicians apply to be listed, we ask them to describe how they treat OCD. The clinicians listed in the directory described treatment approaches that were consistent with the treatment guidelines specific to OCD. This makes it more difficult for clinicians to get listed if they don't have the knowledge required to treat OCD.

Every listing is manually reviewed and approved. Before we first publish a listing, we check that they are a registered health practitioner with the government-appointed regulator (AHPRA) and that they have no conditions or undertakings listed. Because their registration status might change, every listing has a link to the regulator's website to check their current status yourself.

There are limits to what we check

We can't endorse the skills or experience of any of the clinicians listed in the directory. Right now we don't have the capacity to do any formal assessment of their competence in treating OCD. When they told us that they're able to treat OCD using the best evidence-based methods, we have relied on their word.

We can't guarantee that the clinicians listed have availability to see you. From time to time, clinicians need to stop taking new patients because their caseload is full. To find someone who is available, you might need to call several of the clinicians in the directory, be willing to travel further, or find someone who offers telehealth. We're tying to list as many clinicians in the directory as we can so that this process is easier for you.