Australian Online Courses

There are four online courses based for Australian residents that have been developed by researchers and clinicians. These offer no-cost or low-cost options for people who are motivated to fully engage with the materials and complete all the exercises. Although some of these providers do not specifically mention Exposure and Response Prevention, each of them teach these principles in their course. Online courses are not suitable for everyone, but may be a good first step or addition to therapy.

  • OCD? Not me! is designed for young people in Australia aged 12 to 18 years old who are living with OCD. It is designed to be completed over eight weeks, includes tips for parents, and can also be combined with treatment with your therapist.
  • The This Way Up OCD Course is a six-module online course that presents the principles of OCD treatment for adults in Australia in an easy-to-read form, including illustrations. Your GP or mental health clinician can give you access to the course for free and support your progress. Alternatively, you can complete the course on your own for a small fee.
  • The Mindspot OCD Course is a eight-week online treatment course designed for Australian adults who are living with OCD. It includes optional weekly support from a Mindspot clinician to support progress through the course.
  • OCD Stop is a 12-module online treatment course also designed for adults in Australia living with OCD. It includes optional weekly therapist support by email for up to 12 weeks, in addition to up to four telehealth sessions.

Therapy via Telehealth

Some clinicians listed in the directory offer telehealth. The cost for telehealth sessions may be partially offset by Medicare rebates depending on your circumstances.

The NOCD website offers to connect people with therapists who offer Exposure and Response Prevention over video chat using their mobile app. The service provides training to therapists to improve the quality of the treatment provided. Although an initial phonecall and the app are free, there is a cost to therapy which is unlikely to be eligible for Medicare rebates.

Hospital Programs

The Melbourne Clinic offer an intensive inpatient treatment program and a weekly outpatient treatment group which may be covered by some private health insurance providers.